Selecta has always given us the best tasting ice cream. This summer, their newest flavour Buco Pie con Leche does not disappoint. It is composed of buco chunks, otap crusts and leche flan sauce. The flavour, Buco Pie con Leche, really lives up to its name. Every bite is milky.

I especially liked the buco chunks. This is the best part for me. The slice is thick enough that you can recognize it. Also, the buco chunks are soft and they complement the sweet ice cream. I just wish Selecta would add more chunks. I think that if you’re the type who likes macapuno ice cream, then you will also like this.

The otap crusts are cut into tiny square pieces and are mixed into the ice cream. These look like little macadamia nuts. A word of advice though, some children are not fond of otap so they will have a tendency to remove the otap crusts.

It appears to me that the leche flan sauce appears when the ice cream has thawed in your cup or glass (or wherever you choose to eat your ice cream). The sauce seems to stick to the otap crusts. When I first ate this flavour, I wondered what the dark yellow component is. Only when I checked the ice cream cover did I realize that it was the leche flan part.

The first flavour I tried was Buco Pie con Leche Quezo Real. They are almost similar in taste, except for the hint of cheese. But since I am not a cheese person, I decided to focus with the one without cheese.

Like most Selecta ice creams, the Buco Pie con Leche comes in the 750 L and 1.5 L tub. If you just want to try this flavour, go for the smaller serving. So when you have grown to like it, you are ready for the bigger tub.

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