Back here in the Philippines (and probably elsewhere), people would rather let their old, antiquated personal computers collect dust rather than ditching them away. Most of us value stuff in terms of their association to people and events in our lives; hence, the difficulty to replace or get rid of them. Or, we just don’t have the money yet to buy a new one. That’s all right 🙂

Reality bites when it’s time to use that PC in today’s demanding computing environment. Its archaic processing power won’t simply keep it on top performance. We become anxious and oftentimes ballistic seeing how the system hangs or crawls when launching Excel or our favorite Facebook page. But here’s a good news for those who can’t afford the latest jaw-dropping tech gadgets. Process Lasso could save your days of headaches and frustrations as it did to me if you just give it a try.

First off, Process Lasso is definitely not a heaven-sent software. It may or may not boost the current speed of your PC, especially the newer ones. I’m no expert so I can’t tell you all the technicalities behind it. Though experience tells me that Process Lasso on my Pentium 4 PC did offer a significant improvement in system speed and responsiveness.

PCs and laptops tend to lose speed due to many factors. For instance, normal human beings, like you and me, don’t really care how much digital trash is dump into the system right? Hell, some of us don’t even know there is such a thing existed! And, if you’re that typical guy who doesn’t even vacuum the dirt inside the casing, the digital trash is probably at tenfold.

Getting rid of the digital trash can significantly improve the system’s overall performance. You can do this by deleting unwanted files, uninstalling apps that you don’t use anymore, making sure that your hardware (e.g. hard disk, memory sticks, video card) are working just fine, updating software drivers and above all, getting rid of trojans, malwares or viruses that could be lurking inside your system.

Spring cleaning takes time, no doubt about it, but it’s as important as taking a bath as to humans. Once you’re done, install Process Lasso and you’ll surely witness your PC getting a little bit faster and more streamlined this time. Here’s their website where you can download this awesome, free software.

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