Pancakes, anyone? If you love breakfast, particularly pancakes, then IHOP is the place to be. Their branch in Westgate Alabang is where my friends and I often visit for those early morning catch ups. IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes, which is a US based restaurant and is now here in the Philippines. Convenient location is one of the things I really like about this place, and plus they open really early so it’s perfect for me.

The place is really decent, I have to say. Enough space for everyone, comfortable seats and superb customer service. The restaurant manager and the waiters were very accommodating even if we ended messing the place up after spilling the maple syrup during one of our visits. Superb customer service is one, but the food is something better. They have different ranges of breakfast here, from pancakes to omelettes to burgers to waffles to sandwiches, this place has it all I think.

Of course, pancakes are their specialty and I have to say their Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes is one of my favorites. Well, of course, needless to say that their pancakes are awesome! Very fluffy and you have different syrup like a strawberry and classic that you can have as much as you want, Their coffee is so far a so-so for me, maybe since I’m really not into coffee. Though most of the time, I want to taste as much as I can whenever I visit a place, and if you’re someone like me, then you may want to order their Breakfast Sampler.

You get a pair of the following: bacon strips, buttermilk pancakes, ham, sausage, egg, and hash brown. How’s that for a breakfast? Their sausage is something that’s out of the ordinary that’s why I love this set of meal. You can taste the different herbs put on to it, and it’s just a blast of flavors.

Now if you happen to visit IHOP after the breakfast hours, then no worries because you can try a lot of other things. They have burgers and sandwiches that are absolutely amazing. You can have one of their appetizers and that’s enough for a meal! I highly recommend this place for people who wants a reward for themselves once in a while, especially when you get a bonus or something, The price range, well, it’s not the typical amount you’d pay at a regular fast food chain but I think it’s all worth it. So maybe, you can stop counting those calories for a day and just enjoy. Anyway, we only live once.

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