It took a while for me to decide to buy an electric kettle. I tried to make do with water that was boiled early the morning and kept in a thermos. The problem was the water wasn’t hot enough when I drank it in the afternoon. So I set out to look for an electric kettle that would boil water in a jiffy thereby solving my problem. What I bought was the Braun 7-Cup Stainless Steel Kettle (WK600). These are my impressions.

The kettle itself has a stainless body with a black plastic handle and base. One of features I was looking for is that its interior should be easy to clean. I don’t want any calcium deposits accumulating inside like a lot of kettles do due to a limited access to the interior.  This kettle has a button on the top that when pressed will cause the top portion to swing out allowing enough room for a brush to thoroughly and easily scrub the interior.

Looking inside, I was expecting to see a coiled heating element which unfortunately is also where calcium usually accumulates. Lo and behold, there was no heating element in sight. Braun must have come up with a type of heater that completely integrates with the interior of the kettle making it much easier to clean.

In addition to an auto shut off feature (which it has), another feature I was looking for was a way to prevent creepy crawlies from entering the kettle. Especially here in the Philippines where insects are unavoidable, I was afraid to wake up in the morning and accidentally drink boiled cockroach because I turned it ON without checking first. Yuck! This was inadvertently addressed by Braun when they inserted a removable micro mesh in the spout. Made of stainless steel, this mesh was intended to filter water coming in and out of the kettle.  Fortunately, it also acts as a barrier preventing critters from crawling inside.

Like my other appliance, this one had to be built to last and look good at the same time. To that end, the kettle has a heft to it indicating it was made of tough materials. This is probably due to all of that stainless steel. Appearance wise, it looks like a modern European coffee carafe (but with a handle) that is attractive enough to be placed directly on a dining or coffee table if only the electric cord can be eliminated. As a really cool solution, Braun came up with this: when lifting the kettle by its handle, the base (which is where the electric cord is attached) detaches resulting with what is in effect a cordless kettle. When you want to reheat the water, simply set it back on the base, flip the switch, and voila!

I’ve had this kettle for more than 2 years now and despite heavy use, it has performed flawlessly. Hence, I give it a big thumbs up.

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