Box o’ Rice’s store name says it all. The store’s concept is to serve gourmet rice meals with a variety of delicious toppings hot off the stove, then packed in cute Chinese take-out boxes and ready for customers on the go at budget-friendly prices. 100 percent MSG free! Choices include their popular Mongolian Rice, Aligue Rice, Bagoong Rice, Sisig Rice, Adobo Rice, Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Steak, etc. They also offer all-day breakfast meals like Tocino Rice, Tapa Rice and Longganisa rice served with fried egg and garlic rice.

My personal favorite would be the Beefsteak Pinoy. Nothing special but I love the way it’s cooked. The taste is very Filipino and it reminds me of my mom’s cooking that’s why this is what I usually order when I get to visit Box o’ Rice in Katipunan.

Another must try dish would be my mother’s favorite, the Mongolian Rice and one of the most sought out dishes of Box o’ Rice, the Aligue Rice. The Mongolian Rice composes of, of course, rice with chicken, squid, squid balls and fresh vegetables. Very Mongolian indeed, it’s sweet and spicy at the same time. The meats and vegetables are equally portioned so you could never go wrong ordering this meal. However, Box o’ Rice’s Aligue Rice is served with rice, crab sticks, tomato slices and salted eggs. For only a cheap price, these meals are very satisfying for empty stomachs. Both are a definite must try.

The staff in Box o’ Rice are very accommodating and they remember regular customers. You order through a small window then your order will be served to you. The service is smooth and not much of a hassle.

To sum it all up, the food itself is good and the price starts at PhP 70 per meal. They serve nothing but rice and a whole variety of toppings so this is a definite to-go kind of store. Eating at Box o’ Rice is recommended when you’re very hungry and you want something heavy yet cheap to satisfy your stomach.

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