When my tinnitus started about 5 months ago, I was literally going nuts looking for anything that will help me mask the sound inside my ears. One of the things I did was to buy this headphone on credit for Php 18,000.00. Yes, you heard me right. This piece of gadget costs Php 18,000 pesos. I bought it from one of the electronic shops in SM City Cebu, the one that sells drums, pianos, music stuff, etc. in level 4 .

Quality-wise, this headphone is A-OK. It has a noise-cancelling feature which, when turned on, will minimize the ambient noise from the outside. This means you’ll have a better chance of not ruining your eardrums because you don’t have to crank up the volume high just to hear the music. Mind you, I’m no music lover myself, but I must say that this gadget is one of the best, minus the bulky battery pack.

The bulky battery pack is that awkward panel-like flat thing that is inches away from the jack. It’s a bit weird in its size and location and even weirder when you’re actually using it. Although it’s ultra light and thin, it’s still not one of those components that you can simply set and forget. When it’s in your pocket and plugged into your phone, that is when it gets really annoying.┬áThe good news is that it packs a lot of firepower and will last for about 2 or 3 weeks before the next charge.

Another funny thing about this headphone is the way you charge it. It comes with a USB cable, about 5-6 inches long, that needs a USB device to draw power from. Yes, there is no way you can charge the battery from the wall socket directly. Either you find a computer/laptop or buy one of those converters that plugs in to the electric socket and outputs in USB. If you have an iPod, you know what I’m talking about.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t waste my money on this gadget unless you’re really a die hard fellow music fan or just wanting to separate yourself from the noisy world. It’s a quality product, I know, but it’s just too expensive. I believe I have paid for the brand and the technology behind it. If you’re hunting for similar products with noise-cancelling feature, I suggest you try the other brands first, and perhaps you can buy a much cheaper unit that does the same.

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