Getting sick during a vacation is flustering, especially when you are at the beach and you have a lot of fun activities planned.

Boracay has always been a summer paradise for me and my family ever since I was a little kid, and now that it has a lot of water and land activities offered, you would know the frustrations I had when my got diarrhea on the first evening of our stay there. We were staying at station 3, and I was already had countless visits to the bathroom, that I finally told my mom that I really need to see a doctor because I already felt weak, and my stomach was really very painful.

We asked our concierge as to what clinic is the nearest to the hotel, and we were told to go to Boracay Alert Medical Clinic. When we arrived at the clinic, we were attended to immediately by a nurse. He got my vital signs and did an initial interview as to why I came in for check-up, since the doctor on duty was seeing a patient at that time. Although there were plenty of patients during that time since it was the Holy Week, the clinic was quite and everybody were all working systematically, there were about 4 patients and only 1 doctor, but I was seen after about 10 minutes after I arrived.

The clinic had great service; the physician on duty and the staff were all courteous, the prices were reasonable, and I was treated accordingly. I felt a lot better about an hour after I was treated by the doctor.

If ever you are in Boracay and you feel sick, I recommend going to this clinic, their service is top-quality and fast. Boracay Alert Medical Clinic is situated just in front of Hotel Azalea on the main road; just ride a tricycle and give the clinic’s name, and the driver will drop you directly in front of the clinic

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