Joel Osteen is the senior pastor of the Texas-based megachurch, Lakewood Church. His congregation is the largest in America with a following of 45,000 people. I’ve watched his sermons on YouTube and became an avid viewer of his weekly messages.

I started following Joel on his YouTube channel and genuinely listened to his teachings and advice then tried shifting to his books. The first book I read is called “Fresh Start” where he talks about eight keys to living your life in the goodness of God’s blessings. In his book, he emphasizes the importance of getting a fresh start in life and that every day is a brand new day for us to start anew.

This book is a good read for people who are looking for inspiration and motivation in their lives. I started reading “Fresh Start” a few months after I resigned from work. I was in a bit of a rut and was in dire need of direction.

His messages are quite similar to his sermons. It brings hope and courage to people who are feeling lost, down, and distraught. I highly recommend it to readers who are in need of direction in life. In his anecdotes, Joel includes scriptures from the bible and adds his own thoughts and interpretations of the verses.

Personally, I find his words quite indulging and comforting. His motivational speeches have greatly influenced my outlook on life and the way I perceive the everyday events and circumstances. Reading this book opened up my eyes on how I view certain things and how I should react towards it.

If you are interested in reading personal and spiritual development books, you may just find “Fresh Start” a soothing read. Joel’s books are included in the New York Times bestseller. His weekly sermon reaches millions of people around the world.

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