So I recently celebrated my birthday and I had a blast, I know it’s December but I still went out for a vacay to one of my favorite places – Boracay. It was planned months before and due to my excitement I already bought a sunblock right after I booked my flight. It was a bit difficult looking for a good sunblock actually, there are lots of them and varies in prices as well.

I chose the Block and White Sunblock in SPF 50 because the brand is known, it’s got good SPF level and it was relatively cheaper than the other brands. I did give it a few try before my trip just to check it out and get a feel of it basically. So it’s got this runny consistency giving you the feeling that it’s water-based. The lotion itself smells really good and was very smooth to apply onto the skin. I have not tried as many sunblock products before but I guess most of the products give a little feeling of thick or heavy on

I have not tried as many sunblock products before but I guess most of the products give a little feeling of thick or heavy on the skin. I felt a little greasy especially when I used it before heading to the beach as it was really sunny and warm, but I guess it is what is is. It took a few minutes for the lotion to be absorbed by my skin and right after it, my skin was feeling alright again, there was this sheer awkward whiteness on your skin right after applying it but it comes off in few minutes.

I also used this on my face but just concentrated on the highest points on my face like my nose, forehead and my cheeks and used a different sunscreen made for the facial skin. So far I think it did fine. I did not expect not to get tan at all. In a way, the sun that we have here in the Philippines is one of the most extreme so I still got some tan lines here and there but overall it was fine. I didn’t feel the usual feeling of burning while jumping up and down the beach.

I also got a lot left even if I had to reapply it a number of times during my trip. With the extra got left, I am using it to even out my skin and bring my skin color back. And it’s one of the things I like about this is that it also whitens and a few days after I got my tan lines, they’re less visible now.

Overall I think this product is something that you want to consider not only when you hit the beach but a daily essential actually. Protects you from the sun not only from sunburn or darkening but ultimately to avoid getting skin cancer. It’s one way of enjoying yourself and not worrying about the negative effects of the sun to your body.

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Maria Liza Almerol Vasquez
Maria Liza Almerol Vasquez
4 years ago

Where can I buy this block and White Sunblock lotion

4 years ago


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