I love Lazada because this is where I get difficult to find items. I would have loved it even more when billease.ph was introduced and my application pushed through but it didn’t. Here’s the reason why.

First off, billease.ph is a service that works like a credit card; you get your items, pay using the generated voucher and then send staggered payments in different ways including to our “pambansang sari-sari store” 7 11.

It was all good until I’ve decided to apply. The website promised 1 day application processing but it took them 9 solid days to get back only to tell me that I need to send a screenshot of my bank statement. I complied, took them another 2 days to tell me they needed another screenshot of my bank statement of the previous month. This time, I refused.

Apparently, the delay was caused by the overwhelming applications they received and the limited number of people working to minimize those backlogs, said so their email. That is totally unacceptable to me. They should have anticipated the volume in the first place.

The system also needs some minor upgrades. For instance, you are only allowed to upload jpg and not pdf. PDF is the standard format for documents. You don’t send payslips, bank statements and whatnot in jpg because they contain multiple pages and using pdf is the easiest way to do that.

Second, a text box is provided as a means to communicate with them but no matter how many times I clicked on the submit button, it just doesn’t work. I’m not sure if it works with Firefox or Edge but definitely not in Chrome. As a developer, it’s your job to test your website on different browsers and see if it works seamlessly.

And lastly, there is an available online chat but surprise, no one really bothers to answer you.

Well, I hope billease sorts out these issues very soon. Until then, I’ll stick with COD.

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  1. Billease doesn’t meet the time frame they setup. It says there 1 business day but it took them more than 2 weeks to respond. I guess if they did receive a lot of application, they would’ve changed the “one day processing” they advertised or placed on their website. I mean come on, they started years ago and it’s 2019 now. I’m not sure even if they did meet the 1 day even before. I’ve cancelled my application because it took them that long that I no longer need or already bought the item somewhere else. I guess Billease are for those who are in desperate need to buy something that they’re willing enough to waiting for a month to get it. Their website is awful and offers no other options. You can’t even see your application or any updates regarding it. No one probably is employed to answer their chats because even during 9am-5pm, it’s offline. I doubt if there’s anybody before or after that. It will be better off if they remove that chat option as well.

    1. I agree on this, mine is now taking months and they keep on asking more and more copy of my POB. Too much hassle,

    2. How did you cancel your application po? My application took much longer than I expected so I just want to cancel nalang po.