If you enjoy going to resorts and haven’t tried Bulacan’s resorts you should give yourself a try. Bulacan has a lot of businesses and industries but “resorts” is a big one. Having said that, I do recommend visiting Big Rock Farm Resort, which is exactly located at Coral na Bato, San Rafael Bulacan. I’ve been there twice, the first time I’ve been there the resort is fairly new because some construction is still in progress. However, on the last time I’ve been there, I think the resort was finished already and they added a new pool.

If you are planning to visit the place you can take Baliwag Transit Inc.  or any other bus-transit within the Metro. Some of my friends told me who have been there,  that place is quite inaccessible and the place is in a remote area. It might be true, but we did enjoy looking for the place. Lastly, the entrance-fee and the rooms/cottages are quite affordable. For more information about the rates and on how to get there, please see the following link: http://www.bigrockfarmresort.com.ph.

Inside the resort there are 4 big swimming pools to choose from. Another thing, there are life-size statues of different character. These are really a good attraction, especially for children because most of it is known characters such as Superman, Hulk, Spiderman, Minions and Kung Fu Panda just to name a few. The main attraction of the place, I think, is the gigantic rock above one of their pools.

Well, it is an advantage for those who wants to hide from the sun while swimming. In addition, the kiddie pool is also covered which is very beneficial to your kids, to lessen sunburns. I think their cottages were designed to blend with the customer’s personality, which also has a lot of wide variety to choose from. You can actually bring your own food inside, which in our case we did bring our own food and rented a grill. Of course, we like to sing so we also rented videoke for 600 pesos only.

Big Rock Farm Resort Review

  • Accommodations – Actually, I like their cottages, although choosing your cottage will depend on the number of persons and length of stay. In addition, the resort also provides “rooms” for those customers who would like to stay for more than a day. Listing their different kinds of cottages may take this post longer, so I’m giving 6 stars
  • Amenities  – The resort provides different pools, slides and of course attractions. As we explore the place we’ve seen the canteen, gift shop and basketball-court. What I really like about the resort is that they have live bands at night & massage, which is very entertaining and relaxing. So if you’re planning to stay more than a day, you definitely won’t get bored due to their amenities, activities and attractions. I’m giving 7 stars
  • Rates – The resort’s rates/pricing are very reasonable and affordable. So for someone who’s looking for discount, forget about it because the resort is very affordable. I’m giving 8 stars



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