The car was loaded with things and people as we started for a trip to Ilocos Sur to visit a relative and to see the monument in Bessang Pass. It is located in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, approximately 52 kilometers from San Fernando, La Union and is more than 260 kilometers north of Manila. Fortunately, the road is cemented already, unlike before that it was bumpy and rough as told by my Aunt.

This trip is good for anyone who is a nature lover like me, who loves to go to places and roam around to learn, enjoy, experience and behold the natural beauty of our planet earth.

While we are on our way up, I cannot do anything but to admire the grandeur mountains we are passing by. When we are yet in the lower place, the road is seen on the next mountain we are heading which I thought that it must be the last one for it was the highest as far as I can see, but when we reached it, there were some more! It was like a never ending mountain range. As I was the first one to take a seat near the window, I can clearly see the cliff on the other side of the road and my, it was really breathtaking! It just goes down and down, where there is a water flowing on the valley below. Green is the color dominating around, there was peace and calmness, plus the fresh air which is not found in the city.

We stopped along the road to feed our hungry stomachs. And if you travel like this long journey I suggest that it is better to take with you your own foods and snacks for their were only few stores on the way. One more thing, you can stop anywhere you want to eat.

We reached the monument nearly two in the afternoon. Everybody was excited to stepped out in the car. A moment of silence took place as everyone of us read with our eyes the inscribed words on the monument. Here is where the brave Filipino soldiers wounded and died for fighting for peace and freedom. Here is where blood was shed, beneath the ground, sacrifice was laid. The battle of Bessang Pass has ended on June 14, 1945 which also ended the World War 2 in our country. It makes me remember too the other heroes who died for the Philippines, their hardships, and through that we have and enjoy what we call ‘freedom’ today.

Later on, we had several picture taking on the area. And while others do anything they wish, I explored the place. There were flowers and trees on the surrounding beautifying the place. There were also sheds where anyone can sit and have the view on the mountains below and feel the cold breeze. I also noticed vehicles stopped for a moment to take a glance on the park, while inside me is gladness that my fellow countrymen gave much value to our history.
This is one of the trip I can never forget, that I was able to behold one of the well known sites in the Philippine history.

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