Hello make-up enthusiasts! Have you ever come to a point where you got a little too meticulous when shaping your eyebrows? I know I am! It’s fantastic how eyebrows can make a difference on how you look. All you need is a really good eyebrow make-up and the skills!

Few weeks ago, I accompanied my sister to get herself a good eyebrow make-up. We tried this Benefit Eyebrow Zings at their store in Trinoma Mall and right there and then, I was the one who ended up buying it and been using it ever since!

This little black box packaging of the Benefit Brow Zings looks pretty nice and nifty. It comes in three shades. You can choose depending on your natural hair color. I chose the medium one. Okay, so what I love about this is what’s inside the kit! It has 1.7g Net Wt of wax that you use for shaping, 2.65g Net wt of powder that you use for shading, a hard angled brush, a tweezers, and a blending brush. It’s a complete kit for brow shaping and there are instructions and guides too which is pretty cool especially for the first timer users of eyebrow powder.

Another sweet thing about the Benefit Brow Zings is the long staying effect probably because of the powder blended in wax. Before I got the Benefit Brow Zings, I used to use just the powdered eye shadows to shape and fill up my eyebrows. Most of the powder brow make-ups tend to fall off so I don’t think it will stay as neatly as it was at the beginning of your day. Some more, you don’t need to use a lot of product because it’s pigmented. As pricey as is may be which is more than a PhP 1,000, it is still worth having because it will definitely last for a year or more! Plus a well-shaped and neat eyebrows!

So overall I would extremely recommend this especially for those who wanted to give their thin eyebrows a gorgeous and neat shape and shades. And even for those who usually say that they don’t know how to shape their eye brows, you don’t need an expert to do it. Benefit Brow Zings has a complete guide to help you in this brow shaping art! You can always get an advice from the friendly make-up advisers at their store. Stay gorgeous!

Image courtesy: likesandlove.blogspot.com

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I am not really that good when it comes to writing about myself. I know that would be contradicting to my passion to write but I'll give it a shot. I work in a hospitality industry abroad and I love what I do, I mean aside from rendering hospitality services, I love meeting people and culture. Writing has always been my passion. I was active in journalism, specifically in feature writing when I was in High School but I told myself that I will stop the extra curricular activities when i go to college and just focus on academics. And so I did. As time goes by, (It's not like I'm so old now.. ) I always find myself writing, if not an article, some stuff like letter, reports (at work) and when I do it seems fun. So I guess I would always find myself writing about something.

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  1. I am using eyebrow make up too but I was looking for a nice shade for my eyebrows to fit my skin tone and the perfect shape for my brows, reading this blog excite me to buy this kit. I’m sure that this would help me to have a perfect eyebrows. 🙂

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