To most people, the messy, bed head hair is a big no-no. Especially when going out, like going to work or school,  many still prefer to look presentable whatever their hair cut or hairstyle maybe. Hair styling can sometimes be tedious and tiring, but a good choice of hair wax or pomade is a big help for a more tidy crowning glory.

With the abundant supply of hair dressing products available in the market, my husband prefer Bench Deputy Shine (Shine and Define Pomade). The product is suitable for all hair types.  Observing its positive qualities persuades me to also use the product.

Using it is a breeze.  Just open the lid, get the desired amount using your fingers and apply it on your hair.  Finish it using a comb with your desired hair style. It doesn’t leave unwanted sticky feel. That’s why you can use it even in hot, humid days. It holds the hairstyle you want, giving it the shine you just wanted, and that polished, fresh look. And in case you want a different hairstyle in the middle of the day, just simply use a comb and restyle your hair the way you want it.

It is easy to wash. Just use your regular shampoo and rinse it well. It doesn’t leave any residue.  It is also mild and safe.  It doesn’t cause dandruff or itchiness and hair loss like other harsh hair styling products.

It is mildly scented that doesn’t overpower the perfume you are using. The product should be kept on cool, dry place, away from children’s reach.  Avoid contact with the eyes.

It is reasonably priced with all the benefits you can get.  You can choose from the product’s two different sizes – 80 grams and 25 grams.  It is sold at P90 and P38 respectively. Prices may vary on other retail outlets in the country.

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