Product claims: Introducing the Belo Authority’s  professional solution to stubborn pimples and the traces they leave behind. Belo Essentials AcnePro is a range of scientifically-formulated products, each with a distinct benefit for smoother and pimple-free skin. This powerful anti-acne line is infused with purified bee venom clinically proven to treat mild to moderate acne and reduce inflammation. 

I was having such a bad breakout two months ago that it was with much luck that I found this product. My acne is usually just hormonal, but when I got a facial treatment, it seemed to irritate my skin. So when I started using this product, my skin was really in a condition to test its quality.

I had high expectations because this is a Belo product, and it boasts of purified bee venom, which didn’t really mean much to me at first. But I decided that that was something I haven’t seen in anti-acne products before, so maybe this was worth a shot.

There are three products in this kit, and you can get them all for Php. 230 . If you buy them individually in malls or supermarkets, the total value would amount to Php. 330.

The pimple-fighting face wash should be used first. It’s has a clear gel color, and a pea sized amount of it is actually not enough. Unlike the usual facial washes, this doesn’t foam up easily with water. It has a cool cleansing feeling.

Afterwards, the  treatment toner should be used. This is honestly a very crucial step for me because the facial wash is so slippery that I doubt that the face can be already be clean after using just that. The toner is really good though. It’s very mild, and it does the job of making sure the face is completely clean.

The last step is the use of the special pimple gel. This is my favorite because it’s the most effective pimple gel I have ever used.

After just a day of this routine, I already noticed my pimples shrinking. These products also didn’t cause any drying up of the skin unlike most anti-acne products. I actually don’t know what it does exactly, but after just three days, my acne significantly decreased in size and quantity.

I use the pimple gel on my acne scars because it seems to have a healing effect on them.

I really recommend this product especially to those with acne prone and sensitive skin. The whole kit lasted with me for around one and a half months, so I’d say it has great value for money as well. I give this a 5/5, and I will definitely repurchase!

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