Joining the plethora of kojic whitening products in the market is Beauché Beauty Bar soap. One of its variants, and the star of this review, is the papaya kojic soap.The soap promises blemish-free, whiter skin. I know a lot of other brands have said the same thing, but somehow Beauché is different.

On my first two weeks of using the soap my face did get  lighter and smoother. My friends were witness to that and they said I looked “glowing”. But that was it; only my face seemed to show some improvement while the rest of my body looked the same. Although the tiny scars on my arms grew less visible, the entire coverage of my body remained the same.

The soap didn’t leave any funny smell on the skin. Its only downside is that it melts too fast. It doesn’t last as long as other soaps do. Plus the melted residue left sticky, orange stains on the bathroom tiles. As a result, I had to cut the soap into cubes to keep from wasting the product.

Not long after I was onto my second bar. The rest of my body got a bit lighter by then. Scrubbing helped. But I had a new dilemma: my face started to sting! When I first started using the soap, I was told the stinging effect was normal as long as it was minimal and tolerable. However, that time, I noticed that some parts of my skin started to peel (which became the butt of the joke at the office) and the area near the edges of my lips suddenly became darker. The rest of my body didn’t suffer from the same effect, though. It was just my face.

After I consulted with my dermatologist, I found out that lathering with soap too hard caused the irritation. Plus it didn’t help that I had sensitive skin. So I guess it would be better to check with your dermatologist first before you start using the product, if ever you have super sensitive skin.

After having an on-and-off relationship with Beauché, we’re still together somehow. I no longer experience recurring skin irritation. But this time I have learned that gentle application (and maintaining the “slowly but surely” mindset) is the key to whitening success.

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