There’s a lot of fast food chains around the metro that offers burgers and fries, and they say they’re better from the others in one way or another. Some say their burger is a little of this and that, but for someone like me who doesn’t really want to wait in long lines and sit on a table that someone just vacated I believe BBB is a place to go.

With its name, it can be mistaken as one of those reality shows on TV and I think the name is already catchy as it is. BBB has a lot of branches, but I’ll be telling you my experience with BBB Northgate on this review. One reason why I prefer going to this place whenever I feel like grabbing something to eat if I have the extra bucks is because it’s very accessible to me because it’s within the vicinity of my workplace.

I first learned about when I started working here (in Northgate) and one of my colleagues suggested we have our lunch in this place. The dining area itself is a little small I must say. It can only occupy about 20 people and it’s pretty hard to go around the area. You need to ask the next person beside you to maybe stand up or move his/her chair all the way so you can pass through (that’s how small it is). But the surrounding is pretty much relaxing as less people and vehicles pass by this area.

The place does not get crowded easily because people just order, pay and leave with their food (most people are call center agents) so you can get a seat or two at least. And how about their burgers? They’re delicious. The burgers cost a little more than the quarter pounders somewhere else but theirs, I would say taste better. Pair their burgers up with the potato wedges, then this can be a haven for the burger lovers.

You get to have as much mayo and mustard you want as well (yes, as much as you want) that’s on top of the very good service from their crew. I personally love the ‘Hahalapeno’ which is a combination of tomatoes, onions, the very juicy patty and the very tasty bun. I make sure to order this or their ‘Wild Mushroom pasta’, man I just love the creaminess of the sauce.

If you have a much more appetite than I do, you may want to try their ‘Triple XXX’. This a 3-tier burger patty, with lettuce, bacon and cheese. Add a few bucks more and you get a glass of refreshing Iced tea.

So my verdict about BBB Northgate — it is a good place if you want to dine alone or maybe with a few friends. I will not recommend this specific location if you’re dining with a bunch of people with you, though.

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