I really dislike mosquitoes. I do not even know why they like biting me. Even if we clean all nooks of our house and empty all water bins daily, there is always one that nibbles me. In fact they bite me three times more frequently than my mom and bro. I used to complain about mosquitoes until my mom found a very effective mosquito repellant device called Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer.

What I like about Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer is it does not require a complicated preparation or setup. I do not need to prepare other materials prior to its use. All I need to do is put the mat in it, plug it in the outlet and presto! Mosquitoes cannot touch me for hours! This is perfect to use at night. There is no single mosquito that dares to bite me or at least buzz around my ear. I can sleep peacefully.

With Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer, I no longer need to use the mosquito repellant lotion that usually gives an irritating sticky warm feeling to my skin. I do not also need to light a mosquito repellant coil that smells bad and makes my brother who has asthma sniffs and coughs. I do not have to spray insecticide (which is not actually good for the health) in my room anymore. Another thing I like about it is it does not emit a foul odor like that of an anti-mosquito coil. I cannot actually smell it or feel that I am using it. I think it is also safe to use when there is a baby or a toddler inside the room.

Another nice thing about Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer is it is very affordable. It is only worth 56 Php and can be used for several years. It has five free mats. And there is no need to get panicked when the free mats are all consumed. There is a retail pack that contains ten mats for only 29 Php. We usually use one mat per night and it can last for 8 – 10 hours.

Perhaps the only sad fact about Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer is of course we cannot use it when there is no power since it is an electronic device. I suggest that they should add a battery port to it so we can use it anywhere and anytime even without electricity.

I strongly recommend Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer to those people living in dengue-prone areas. It is the modern device to get rid of mosquitoes. With this electronic mosquito killer, no more hassle; no more itchiness; no more terrible mosquitoes!

Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer Review - Webbline

If you live in a dengue-prone areas or can't stand the fumes from incense and anti mosquito coils, this one is for you. I highly recommend this.

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  1. Huge downside of the Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer is the way it is inserted to most outlets. The way it is inserted causes it to turn vertically with nothing to prevent the mat from falling down and this is a huge minus for me.

    1. It’s in major supermarkets. You can also buy it from online marketplaces like Shopee.ph.

    1. There are already two people who told me that it causes fire. Would you know if this is true? I have been a user of this mat since 2004 and I love that it is safe for the kids and for an asthmatic like myself. No mosquitoes for hours plus the room would smell nice too.

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