Looking for lunch and desserts? Banapple has got it.

From scrumptious banana cakes to classic cheesecakes, you name it. They all come in big servings too, enough to satisfy your sweet tooth craving. When it comes to cakes, I’m actually a little picky. Some cakes end up being too heavy, too sweet or too spongy.

When I first tasted Banapple’s Two-nut Caramel Cheesecake, I could almost swear it was heaven on a plate. It was the perfect just sweet enough without being overbearing, bland or heavy. Other must-try cakes¬†include the Snicker Fudge Cheesecake and the White Chocolate Truffle Berry Cheesecake. Are you hungry yet?

Although desserts are their specialty, there are also plenty of meals to choose from like Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks, Boneless Bangus Belly A La Pobre, Chicken Parmigiano and Glazed Pork Tocino. They’re all as yummy as they sound! These dishes are¬†also served in generous servings for reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the carb side, you can always have pastas, sandwiches or even pancakes! Baked creamy cheesy penne, Rafael’s Maple-glazed Ham and Honey Mustard Sandwich and Awesome Blueberry Pancakes are a few of the mouthwatering finds on their menu. ¬†When it comes to food, Bannaple gets a 10/10.

Don’t expect too much when it comes to the venue, though. The place is not as well-maintained as it should be. It looks dim and unkempt compared to when I visited a few years back. It makes me wish they would at least repaint the place or have better lighting and air conditioning.

The staff also informed us that they didn’t have house water last June 13, 2015 (Saturday). This was a tad inconvenient, and I thought the least they could do was to provide one free bottled water per table. However, despite all these setbacks, I still think Banapple is one of the best dessert places you can find in ATC. The chairs and tables¬†are as cute and quaint as they have always been. The staff, just as accommodating and friendly as always.

For more information about their menu, go here. ¬†If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about Banapple – ATC over the years, it’s that they still provide top notch food for their customers. Try it out yourself!

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