In the Philippines, there are a lot of white beaches, especially in the Visayas region and most of them are still noncommercial. As we all know that virgin places can really be a good place to relax in a short period of time,  to relieve some stress and forget your problems for a while. Especially, if you are a working professional who have encountered a lot of stress from your day to day job.

Commercialized beach resorts are a good place to relax or unwind, but in my own opinion noncommercial beach resort is even better. In the Visayas region, there is an island called “Samar”. It is considered the fourth largest island in the country. In addition, it is divided into two provinces: Northern Samar and Eastern Samar province.

Now, that we have a bit of background about the Samar island, let us focus on the Eastern Samar province. Where the Bacayaw Beach Resort is located. It is exactly located at Llorente Eastern Samar and according to the locals who lived there, this beach is still untouched.

Travelling to Llorente Bacayaw Beach Resort, Eastern Samar. You have two options: land travel and air travel. However, we tried a bus going to Llorente Eastern Samar just to have an experience and see those different provinces along the road. We’ve (me and my wife) been there for about 3 days and 2 nights. On our last day we decided to go back to Manila via an airplane.

Via land travel, you can ride a bus obviously in Manila, although there are a lot of bus transits who can take you there. However, in my own experience, we tried “Eagle Star” bus transit located at Dimasalang but you can also try in Cubao. In addition, the bus took off around 12pm and the travel took us around 18-23 hours, but this will always depend on the traffic and weather condition.

The next day we arrived around 4pm in the afternoon. The first time we step our foot in Bacayaw Beach Resort, we’re really excited to see the nature and obviously jump at once in the sea. Honestly, even though we’re excited, I’m really exhausted because of the long travel but it was really fun. Entering the resort, we are so anxious because they may not understand “Tagalog” but I’m wrong because their staff is very accommodating and knows Tagalog & English very well. So, because of the travel exhausted my strength, we just entered into the room and took a nap. The night that day, we experienced bonfire while drinking some couple of wines  & we just enjoyed the night.

On the second day, we woke up early in the morning around 5am to see the sunrise, it was really great seeing the sun rising in the east. After some nature sightseeing, breakfast came to mind, going to the canteen is really mind blowing. Here are the list that they served to us that morning: fresh buko-juice, bug-atan (according to the locals, it is only available at their place), thermidor lobster, ginataang pako and grilled yellow fin. That morning, every food was so great, but there is one thing that really caught my attention the bug-atan.

One thing we can’t forget is the “Palasipas Adventure”, in my own opinion, this means something like a small journey within the resort. In addition, this a journey on foot or should I say “trekking”. The good thing is that they have staffs who actually tours us around and really knows the place. We have seen a lot of different caves, and saw some skeleton bones & some stone age tools inside. According to the locals, those are the bones of the our native ancestors. Lastly, one thing that really astonishes me is the “break water” which separates the Pacific Ocean from the sea. Well, kinda hard to explain all I can say is I’m impressed with our Creator.

On our last day,  while we are preparing our things we just realized that this place is really great. Me and my wife promised to ourselves that will come here again. Also one staff of this resort also escorted us to ride a van going to Tacloban’s airport.

For the reader, I highly recommend that you guys try it to see it for yourself and experience a lot of adventure. Till next time, God bless you and thank you for reading.

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