A lot of moms out there struggle between disposable and cloth diapers. Personally, I prefer to use cloth diapers simply because I can save up a lot in the long run. However, having the decision to let your baby use cloth diapers means choosing the right cloth diaper.

Before my daughter was born, I thought that having the traditional rectangular cloth diaper would do. I was wrong, and now I have piles of them in my drawer. The thing about this kind of cloth diaper is that I have to fold them and they leak. I end up washing the diapers and my child’s beddings (and sometimes, our own beddings).

Fortunately, my mother-in-law suggested that we use pocket cloth diapers. The suggestion was a lifesaver! These diapers have waterproof outer cover that prevents leaking and an inner layer of fabric that keeps baby comfortable.

I have several pocket cloth diapers, but I found satisfaction in using the ones from Baby Leaf. Some pocket cloth diapers can still cause leakage, but Baby Leaf’s One Size pocket cloth diapers are different. They have more snap buttons which secure the diaper to the baby’s hip and thighs. It rarely leaks!

It’s more expensive compared to other pocket cloth diapers but for me, the price is right. The designs are fabulous and they don’t come off when I wash them. My little one looks at the colors and I love it since she’s stimulated by it. Plus it’s fashionable. The fabric is soft and it doesn’t cause diaper rashes on my baby’s bum. ┬áThe pocket is also wide enough so that putting and removing the insert isn’t time-consuming.

Additionally, Baby Leaf’s claim for it to be “One Size” is verified, at least for my case. My daughter has been using the diaper since she was a newborn and now that’s she’s bigger, the diapers still fit.

It’s almost perfect, except the snap buttons are hard to pull apart. I can easily put on the cloth diaper on my baby but when I need to take it off, it takes a lot of effort.

Would I recommend buying it? Definitely! Cloth diapers take┬ádedication to use┬áwith the washing and dealing with poop stains. But for those who are willing to sacrifice, you should consider purchasing Baby Leaf One Size Pocket Cloth Diapers. They’re not as cheap as the others, but they’re great and my baby girl loves them.

They’re available in Lazada. Various designs are showcased so you can choose the ones that fit your preferences.

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