I don’t have a baby yet.  But I do admit that a pack of baby wipes is a staple for me and it is always present in my bag, especially during travel.

Many baby wipes available in the market are a bit expensive.  Every time I buy a pack, I don’t just check the price, I also check how many wipes it contain.  Then I will simply calculate on my mind how much a piece of wipe cost.  I still want to be practical but I also need wet wipes.

Then I discover Baby First Kiddie Wipes.  It is often available in buy one, take one or buy two take one promo.  Every time I go to the grocery and the promo is available, I grab that opportunity to buy these wipes.  It is available in different variants but I prefer the fresh powder scent.

Primarily made to clean baby’s bottom during diaper change, I also use wet wipes in different purposes.  Baby First Kiddie Wipes is a practical and dependable choice.  Mainly, I use it whenever I pee in public toilets when clean water supply is unavailable.  That is why I always bring it when I travel.

I also use it to during hot, humid days.  I will just wipe my face and neck, and it helps me to freshen up.  I can clean my hands whenever and wherever I need to even when clean water is not available using wet wipes.  Moreover, I use it to clean my feet before putting my socks and shoes.

Food or beverage spills?  I cleanse it using wet wipes to avoid or lessen stains on clothes or table cloths.  In addition, I use it in cleaning mud or soils in the sides of my shoes.  These and more, I can say that Baby First Kiddie Wipes is an all-around wipes.

It is also safe on my skin since it doesn’t cause irritation, dryness and itchiness.

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