My dog started having allergies and itching with the dog soap that I’ve been using for long. Since then, I just use mild detergent soap like Perla White to bathe him. The only problem is that the soap is unscented which makes him smell unpleasant after a day or two.

Accidentally, while I was buying some groceries at Puregold Supermarket, I discovered a soap similar to Perla detergent. The brand name is B29. It’s a multipurpose soap that can be used as laundry and bath soap. I took a sniff as to know whether it is scented. To my surprise, it’s so fragrant that I can’t resist smelling it. It smells more like a bath soap than detergent. I bought 2 bars; one for my dog and the other for my laundry. (Yay! My dog and my laundry will smell the same then.)

The verdict:

I used the soap to bathe my dog, and it lathers perfectly! My dog’s fur smells fresh and clean! The smell lasted for 2 days. It made his fur look whiter. It did not give him allergies or itching. The soap claims to contain extra glycerin, a mild moisturizing ingredient which is good for the skin.

Also, I tried to use the other soap to wash my laundry. I grated it finely using a regular cheese grater and machine wash my clothes. I also added 2 tablespoons of powdered detergent to achieve a richer foam. To my surprise, my clothes smells great even without fabric conditioners!

B29 Multipurpose soap has a plastic packaging which contains a single white bar. An international brand, it claims to be the first multipurpose soap trusted since 1942. The soap also comes with a small pouch of Medi Soft insect repellent lotion which smells like sweet scented perfume. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the lotion anywhere in the market. I wish they have it available in drugstores.

You can purchase the soap at any Puregold branches. I’m not sure if they have it in other supermarkets. B29 is so affordable! It costs only 12 pesos per bar.

If you’re looking for an affordable, great smelling and mild multipurpose soap, then B29 is worth a try!

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2 years ago

I tried this soap around 2016-2017 and it was great for handwash laundry use like underwear and other delicate pieces. It’s still available today in Puregold branches like Puregold Jr.. I wanted to know more about it, like if it’s more hyped than and I thought and such, but this is one of two commentaries/blog reviews about the product on Google Search results. But at least I found out that other than Puregold franchises, the soap’s also available online like Shopee and Alibaba.

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