I’m pretty much a fan of makeup products that require minimal space in my bag and can easily fit my purse or pocket without sacrificing performance. Avon Simply Pretty Holiday Makeup Palette joins the elite roster of the tote-able makeup that works in a flash to glam me up without the bulk.

The Pink Fantasy Palette contains two eye shadows, a blush and a lipstick, with a double-sided applicator for the shadows and lip color. Before trying the product, I thought the consistency of the shadows and lip color is like powdery, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. The pale pink and gold eye shadows have a shimmery cream finish. I especially love the pink one because it instantly brightens my eye area. It is superb as a base color and works as a highlighter, too. The gold one is used to create depth in the corners of the eye, and if properly applied, doubles up as a bronzer. Both the gold and pink eye shadows may be worn alone. Now that’s real value for money!

The lip color and the blush, naturally flattering sheer red and a pale peach, can also add color to your cheeks and lips interchangeably. Yes, you got it right, interchangeably. Sometimes I wore the lip color as blush and vice versa, all making me gorgeous in a sweet but not over-the-top way. The looks that can be created with the palette are perfect for the office or on dates, or in my case, the classroom.

What’s more: the palette comes in a lovely pink case that readily fits my palm. A built-in mirror makes it convenient for touch-ups anytime. The festive design of the case adds to its cuteness factor too, unlike other generic palettes that come in plain packaging. If there is any downside to the product, it is the staying power of the eye shadows. Maybe it is because of the creamy formula that makes it slide off my face before noon, but this is a problem that a little eye shadow primer cannot fix. Just prep your lids beforehand and watch as you get the best color payoff with minimal touch-ups.

Did I mention that the product is a steal? At PhP 199, it is certainly within the budget. No need to break the bank or settle for low quality. It is affordable, saves a lot of space and since it is originally made for teens, very skin-friendly. The palette colors are universally flattering be it a college girl or a career woman that wears it. This is one recommendable product busy girls and women should get a hold of. Get your Holiday Makeup Palette from any Avon Lady nationwide and enjoy the same pretty perks as mine.

Image courtesy: glitterandgorgeous.com

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