Glutathione and  other whitening capsules have become the latest trend in skin whitening today. Besides the topical products like soaps and lotions that help inhibit melanin production, others prefer to use oral whitening capsules that lighten skin from within.

Two years ago, I tried using one popular brand of oral glutathione. I bought a bottle which contained 60 capsules, plus 30 capsules of 500 mg Vitamin C which was good for a month’s use. My complexion was not too white nor too dark, just the neutral Filipina skin tone. I just wanted a clearer and smoother skin.

After a month of using the product, I did not see any dramatic result on my skin. I followed the directions and took it twice a day with Vitamin C. I was very disappointed knowing that the product was very popular in the market and was endorsed by well-known local celebrities.

Until one day, while I was browsing the Avon brochure, one product caught my eyes; the Avon Life Glow Grape Seed Extract. I once read on the internet that Grape seed extract is 20 times more potent than Vitamin C. This might help strengthen my immune system, I thought. But wait, there’s more that the product has in store. It is a food supplement that promises to give glowing skin and lighter complexion. And since the maker is Avon, I gave it a try.

Avon Life Glow Grape Seed Extract has a purple and white packaging which costs 299 pesos per box of 30 capsules, but you can have it for 240 pesos if it’s on sale. It is a lot cheaper than other whitening capsules out there. The product contains Grapes Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Ascorbic Acid and Lycopene.  I usually take one capsule a day.

The verdict:

In just a matter of two weeks, I observed an impressive result on my skin. My co-workers noticed my glowing skin. My skin discoloration due to too much exposure to sunlight has faded. My skin became one shade lighter! It also helped lighten the dark circle around my eyes. No more haggard look even if I lack enough sleep. I also noticed the pinkish glow on my cheeks, and the chicken skin on my arms vanished. Also, I can attest that I rarely had colds and allergies since I started taking the product.

I am so satisfied with Avon Life Glow Grape Seed Extract and give it a rating of 4.3 out of 5. In fact, I always make sure I do not run out of stock and purchase the product monthly. Though, do not expect that it will give you dramatic result in skin whitening, but it does help you achieve lighter and more radiant complexion.

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  1. I believe na nakakaglow ng skin.gnagamit ng mom ko to who’ s a senior and blooming siya at fresh looking.she’s taking this supplement for the purpose na antioxidant because she was diagnosed with fatty liver and madalas sumasakit tagiliran niya but since nagtake siya neto hindi na siya nakaramdam ng sakit sa tagiliran sa bandang atay niya and trust me, nagglow skin ni mama,pinkish not pale and the fact that she’s aging.

    1. Hi, I was drinking this vitamin before nung college pa ako. Maganda din effect nito sa akin, but since, di ko pa siya afford dati, di ko siya na maintain. Since, nag work na ako, di ko na ulit to nabalikan kasi wala akong mabilhan. I tried buying it year ago, pero nabuntis ako kaya di ko rin siya natuloy. Now, I had my latest check up, I have mild fatty liver. I am thinking if I should take gluta pills instead. I bump into your comment, and just want to confirm na if talagang masakit yung left lower rib part was a sign ng fatty liver. I have these symptoms kaya ako nagpa check up and got the ultrasound. Though, I never think na the cause of that pain was due to fatty liver. Anyway, its good to know that this product might help. I bought 2 boxes before, I have to finish it bago mag expire, kasi sayang din. I think yung downside lang sa akin nito was the green tea, kasi nakakapayat to, lagi ako nagbabawas pag nag take ako nito. But, yeah overall I can say, this is one of the products na masasabi kong effective and less costly.