Summer is over, yet we can still feel the warm and humid weather due to El Niño. No matter how many times we bathe in a day, bacteria build up in our body gives off bad odor. Besides the sweet smelling shampoo and anti-bacterial soaps, we need a long lasting underarm protection that will eliminate sweat and body odor.

I have tried several underarm products before; from roll-on, deodorant spray, deo-stick and even the famous alum powder or tawas. But my favorite above all is the deodorant lotion which is easier to apply.

Avon Feelin’ Fresh Deodorant Cream is my personal choice, and even my husband loves it!

Before, I haven’t ventured into trying other deodorant brands. I always stick to the famous ones which I always see on advertisements. Until one day, while I was checking on the Avon brochure, I came across with Avon Feelin’ Fresh Deodorant Cream. It happened that I ran out of deodorant that time, so I decided to give it a try. It has a light blue packaging which resembles a toothpaste tube. It comes in three different mild scents; Quelch Powder Fresh, Quelch Spring Blossom and Quelch Citrus Fresh. My husband likes the powdery smell, while I prefer the citrus scent.

Unlike other deodorant brands, Avon Feelin’ Fresh Deodorant Cream has milder scent which doesn’t irritate your nose. It is convenient to use and blends easily on skin upon application. Just squeeze the tube gently to your fingertips (pea size amount would do), and apply to your pits in circular motion.

What I like about the product:

  • It’s not sticky or heavy upon application
  •  You can share this with people in your household since you’re not rolling it on or swiping it directly onto your underarms
  • It has a mild yet long lasting fragrance
  • I noticed a slight lightening effect on the underarm
  • Easy to wash off when bathing
  • Dries fast
  • It doesn’t stain your clothes
  • the tube lasts for a month or two
  • It’s very affordable (99 pesos/60 g tube)
  • Keeps me feeling fresh all day
  • It’s always available through Avon stores/dealers

I give the product a rating of 5 out of 5. Will I repurchase? Definitely! With it’s long lasting fragrance without leaving a sticky feeling on your pits, the product is certainly for keeps.

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