For a girl who spent her elementary years and half of high school wearing a hideous boy-cut bob, finally getting to sport long hair is like a sweet revenge. Yes, especially if growing your hair long meant you had straight-as-rain, shampoo-commercial locks and a bunch of new admirers whom never as much did a double take on you when your hair was shorter. Growing my hair long and fortunately, beautiful was a huge boost to my self-esteem, to think that it was low maintenance. Just the daily shampoo and a few brush strokes, and I was the girl with the most beautiful hair (at least, in our class).

Fast-forward nine years later and my hair has never been the same. Though I still sport long locks, they were not as gorgeous as before. The stresses of college and later, work, finally came up with my hair and made it frizzy. I’ve tried quite a lot of products to tame my now frizzy hair, but I always ended up with flat, oily strands. Sometimes I think I have found the right product- taming my hair, only for the frizz to come back after one wash. So it was basically re-applying the product after every wash. Believe me, it gets tiring at times. I’m even tempted to get a relax or a rebond but knowing the unhealthy effects those processes can bring to your mane, I’ve resigned to using products that offer such temporary results.

Then I read about Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Hair Treatment. The brochure promised three days of frizz free manageability even after washing your hair. Another fad, I said. But anyway, I got one on a whim, and tried it with my cousin. I washed my hair, and applied the serum, getting immediate results. My hair was shiny and the frizz was controlled without the sticky, heavy feel. Then for the next three days, I washed my hair without conditioning it, without reapplying the serum.

True to its promise, my hair remained frizz-free and manageable up to three days, even if it already undergone shampooing! For the first time I found myself really impressed with a hair product. Add to that, it is non-sticky and has a pleasant fruity scent that lasts, plus it is very economical: I just put a twenty-five centavo sized amount on my hair and that is all I need to have gorgeous, frizz free hair for days.

All my skepticism about the said product completely vanished when I still had great hair despite undergoing three washes and no reapplication at that. I got hooked with it and I’m now on my second bottle. My cousin whom I tried the product with swears that she never used a product that really delivers results such as Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Hair Treatment. I can now be assured of many more good hair days to come, thanks to this product.

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