Watson’s Moisturizing Lip Balm Review

It’s January and the temperature has gone down a little than usual. It’s colder and the air is a little dry nowadays specially in the morning and at night. And because of these reasons, we’re prone to getting dry and chapped lips, using lip balm can help. I saw this lip balm on display when …

Block & White Intensive Whitening Sunblock SPF 50 Review

So I recently celebrated my birthday and I had a blast, I know it’s December but I still went out for a vacay to one of my favorite places – Boracay. It was planned months before and due to my excitement I already bought a sunblock right after I booked my flight. It was a …

Colour Collection ColorLast Lipstick Review

Ever wonder why a lot of of Youtube Videos are about make up? Be it makeup tutorials, reviews and hauls… Makeup is one business almost all women can relate to. And majority of our population is made up by women, maybe that’s one reason why. Tupperware is known for its products like food containers, but …

Johnson’s Baby Cooling Powder with Honeysuckle Extract Review

Nostalgia struck me whenever I remember my childhood… The innocence and the easiness of life while you’re a child is priceless. Other than the people that you were with growing up, I bet all of you will agree of getting puffed all over by baby powder. For me it was a great feeling whenever my …

Love Spell by Lovi Poe Review

It seems like celebrities are not contented just appearing on our TV screens but they also want to get as much gig as they can. Katy Perry, Paris Hilton and a lot of celebrities have been designing and formulating their own signature scents/perfumes, and it’s also common here in the Philippines. One of the highly …

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