Jollibee’s Mix-ins: Hershey’s Kisses Review

Almost everyone loves ice cream. Jollibee, being one of the leading fast food chains in the Philippines, has created a variety of ice cream options. This has made loyal customers come back for more. From children to adults, their Chocolate Sundae has always been a hit. Jollibee’s mix-ins have been around for a while. The …

Lily’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Review: A Twist on the Classic

Lily’s is an established brand when it comes peanut butters. With the perfect recipe, they have lasted for years and have even ventured in the export business. Because of the quality and the increasingly popular brand, their products have demanded a price increase. Nevertheless, Lily’s peanut butter has always been a household favorite. For over …

Happy Fanshu Review: Your Affordable Milk Tea Sensation

Since Milk Teas have become a trend since 2013, there are a lot of different franchises that had sprung up. Then, suddenly, drinking milk tea is just like ordering in Starbucks. It is a bit expensive for an average joe. I have tried a lot of milk teas, from Moonleaf to Gong Cha and many …
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