Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder Review

Do you perspire a lot? Do you want to smell fresh all day from head to toe? I know something that ensures effective protection all day long. It is called Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder! My dad just came from the Middle East and brought some Milcu home. I thought it was just an …

Purefoods Luncheon Meat Review

When it comes to canned goods, I just trust one brand. And that is only Purefoods! Its products taste better than others. They are always worth the price. And one Purefoods product that I really love is Purefoods Luncheon Meat. What is special about it? Please read on to know. What I like about Purefoods …

Nissin Pasta Express Review: The Best Instant Spaghetti

Do you want to satisfy your pasta cravings but you are too busy to cook some? Well, I have a very good news for you! I know some instant spaghetti that you will surely like and crave for life. It is called Nissin Pasta Express! I am a spaghetti lover and I know how a …
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