Picking Up the Right Send-Money Service in the Philippines

Money can’t buy happiness. We hear that often, we know it, and we believe it. Then again, you just can’t deny the fact that money is able to buy material things that allow you to enjoy life. You need money to get a good education. You need money to be able to buy food…food that …

5 Top Places to go in Cebu at Night

While getting the various opinions of friends and colleagues for their top places to go to at night in Cebu, there was a distinct difference when asking for male opinion and getting answers from ladies. So this list would probably cover both genders and at the same time, be worth trying out for those who …

Does Aromatherapy Relieves Stress, Anxiety and Depression?

When you go to a massage place, what is the first thing that greets you when you enter the door? The scent, right? That’s because certain scents trigger a relaxing feeling, no matter how stressed you are and this is one of the spas’ intentions. As soon as you get in, start feeling relaxed, start …

Spend on Experiences or Save for the Future?

Answering this question is quite tricky, and quite frankly, thought-pondering. In other words, should you ask this question, expect different answers. And the difference would probably lie between asking a person who already has a family and asking a single individual who works for himself. From a family person’s point of view, it would always …

Must Know Information About Budget Accommodation in Cebu

Seasoned travelers are quite adept in finding value-for-their-money type of accommodation. As pros, they know that hotels are expensive and which lodgings best offer comfortable and clean sleeping quarters and cleaner toilet and bath without having to spend too much. This article targets best suggestions for the not-quite-so-seasoned traveler. Where can you find budget accommodation? …

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