The Army Navy branch currently being reviewed is located at the Ground Floor of the Avenue of the Arts along Roxas Boulevard, LM Guerrero St. in Ermita, Manila.

Our Mission: Come in hungry, walk out happy.

I’ve always loved reading that tagline inside the walls of Army Navy because it feels more like a foretelling of my fate than just an ordinary slogan.

True enough, you can never walk out of this Army Navy branch unhappy. The food and the service are both exemplary, just like in most other Army Navy branches.

The location of this branch also makes it one of my favorite restaurants in Manila. It’s very accessible from the main road along Roxas Boulevard. It’s also conveniently placed beside a lot of coffee shops like Starbucks and Coffee Bean just in case you want some dessert after.

The exterior and interior of the shop are both average for me. On the outside, it looks a little ill-maintained, most probably due to the pollution in Manila. Once you step inside, however, the atmosphere is immediately improved. I just noticed that the lighting could seem quite dim. I usually make my way here for some late dinner and having dim lighting around those hours isn’t really something I look forward to.

Nevertheless, everything else about the place is worth coming back for. The staff here are very mindful of their customers needs. After coming back here two or three times, the cashier already recognized us. She knew our order even before we could say anything. That really impressed me. They are also very quick to respond to any customer requests.

For the food, I want to recommend everything on the menu just because it really is that good. Though of course, there would always be some dishes that stand out. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Freedom Fries: their dip is to die for!
  2. Army Navy Burger: you can have it any way you want with your choice of toppings
  3. Starving Sailor Sandwich: this one’s enough to make you full for the entire day
  4. Fearless Fried Chicken: they serve it with one of the best pepper gravies you’ll ever taste

For more information, you can visit their website.

So what are you waiting for? Make your way here and enjoy good food in the presence of good company.

My message to Army Navy? Mission accomplished, indeed.

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