I get canker sores (singaw) almost every month. Last month I had three and they were painful. I could barely eat and talk. I surfed the web for causes and remedies. I found out that people who frequently suffer from canker sores may have vitamin B 12 deficiency and they should eat more red meats like pork and beef liver. I suddenly remembered liver spread. I went to the grocery store and looked for some. Out of the blue, I found this Argentina Liver Spread. It was the only liver spread that caught my attention.

I really like Argentina Liver Spread. Before I thought Argentina was only for corned beef. Maybe if I did not have mouth sores last month, I would not discover it. What I like about this particular liver spread is it has a pleasant taste and smell. It does not have the stench of raw liver or blood unlike others. It looks tidy and healthy. I can say that it is really made of pure pork and beef liver. It has a fine texture. It does not have an after-taste.

Argentina Liver Spread is an essential part of my diet now. I have it for like twice or thrice a week. I do not really eat pork and chicken liver. I find them gross. But this liver spread is an exception.  I love spreading it on my bread. It makes me full. My mom and bro like it too!

Another good thing about Argentina Liver Spread is we can add it to many dishes like asado, kaldereta, giniling, menudo, mechado, afritada and igado to make them more special. My mom once added it to spaghetti sauce. It gave more depth and thickness to our sauce. It was delicious.

Argentina Liver Spread is very affordable. Anyone can buy it. An 85 g can of it only costs 15 Php. It has a 260 g variant too. I wish it would come in a pouch or sachet too.

Argentina Liver Spread is a good alternative to real liver. It is healthy pork and beef liver in a can. I recommend it to picky eaters. They will surely like liver. It is one of the canned goods that I will always have in my grocery list.

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