Do you want to wear shorts or mini skirt but you just can’t because of your visible scars on your knees and legs? Well, there is an effective solution to your problem. All you need to do is use Apollo Sebo de Macho and your scars will disappear one by one like magic.

I always use Apollo Sebo de Macho whenever I have a scar. In fact, everyone in my family has already tried it. Here are the reasons why I like and trust this product:

  1. It helps lighten and whiten scars. I once had a huge visible scar on my lower leg which could easily be seen by people. Thanks to Apollo Sebo de Macho! It is barely visible now. It is not as prominent and evident as before. Our neighbor’s kids also used it when they suffered from chickenpox to treat their scars. It’s like they didn’t have chickenpox at all. My brother uses it for his acne scars and it is very effective. It makes them fade.
  1. Apollo Sebo de Macho does not only lighten my scar but it also moisturizes my skin. It does not make my skin dry. It does not also cause me any allergy or itching sensation. It is neither greasy nor sticky despite the fact that it is made of mutton’s tallow.
  1. Apollo Sebo de Macho is very affordable. Its 25 g variant just costs 37 Php. It can last for more than a month with daily application. It comes in a small cute container that looks like that of the smallest VapoRub. It is white in color and looks healthy to apply on skin.

Maybe the only thing that I do not like about Apollo Sebo de Macho is its scent. It smells like a hardened cooking oiI to me. I wish it had some sweet fragrance like that of lotion. And one should take note that it works best with recent and shallow scars and not the old scars and scars caused by deep wounds (keloid scars). So I suggest that you apply it to your scar once your wound heals completely.

Apollo Sebo de Macho is something that every home should have. It is the cheapest and most effective scar removing product that I have known and tried so far. So if you want to have a scar-free skin, this is the product for you!

Apollo Sebo de Macho Review - Webbline

A cheap but effective way to remove my scars proven by time not only by me but many others.

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  1. pwede ba to gamitin para sa may hyperpigmentation? i have one kasi and im so insecure na, my legs are ugly asf :'(

    1. Hindi po ata sya pede Sa hyperpigmentation.. Sa mga pagaling lang po na sugat para po hindi maging peklat..

  2. Can I use that Even tho Im a teen? In suffering from Acne scars na lang talaga and I want to solve this Problem.

    1. Ako pag may pimple ginagamit ko KATIALIS tapos pag nag dry na ginagamit ko yung sebo de macho, effective talaga yung sebo de macho dont expect na 3 days wala na agad yung dark spots, medyo matagal sya mawala pero effective naman, nakakalambot pa sya ng face, sa may mga dark spots ko lang sya nilalagay tuwing gabi. (: effective sya.

      1. Basta tya lang, gawin mo lang sya araw araw hahaha, nakakatamad kasi minsan pero need talaga gawin hahaha for your skin din naman, ngayon breakout ulit ako kaya gamit ko ulit sya ngayon, ((:

  3. Guys meh question po ako recently po kse sumemplang po ko sa motor then nagkagalos po ko sa face then tuhod ung sebo de macho po ba.. Effective sya sa gnun abrasions pra di mag develop into keloids..

    1. Hi guys..vinacuum ko kasi face ko nag ka open scar sya..okay lng pa na lagyan ko ng sebo de macho kahit fresh pa yung scar?
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