Apollo Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the best products in the market. Many people swear by it. I’ve heard rave reviews from my friends and how it can effectively cure all sorts of skin conditions. Here are some issues I’ve had that were solved by applying petroleum jelly.


The first time I tried using Apollo Petroleum Jelly was when I developed a windburn. It was my first time to experience this condition and I absolutely had no idea how to treat it. My best friend recommended the Apollo brand because it helped her solve her own skin problems. After a few days and a couple of applications, my wind burn was entirely cured. I was so pleased with the result.


What I love about this product is how versatile it is. I use it regularly to treat my other skin problems. I have skin eczema and alternately use it with my ointment to treat my skin.

Every time my eczema breaks out, my skin develops a scaly texture which is clearly not a pretty sight. I apply an ointment every time I develop an itch then once it dries, I use the Apollo Petroleum Jelly to soothe my dry skin. It may take some time to heal but with constant application, you’ll notice the improvement after a few days.


As a runner, I tend to experience chafing in between my legs and on my upper body. Chafing is caused by constant friction on the skin. Before I run a race, I make it a point to apply Apollo Petroleum Jelly on my inner thighs and below my armpits where my sports bra grazes my skin to prevent chafing.

Other uses

You can use petroleum jelly to heal burns, irritations, and other skin issues. I highly recommend it. Everyone should have a bottle of Apollo Petroleum Jelly in their home.

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