Realizing the need to be physically fit, I signed up with Anytime Fitness after a long and thorough soul searching. The idea of being able to access the gym 24 hours/7 days a week is captivating not to mention their top-of-the-line equipment, awesome friendly staff and accessible location.

Now, it’s my understanding that the fees they charge you depend on where you are currently affiliated. For walk-ins, you’ll definitely get charged much higher compared to those whose companies have some sort of “discount agreement” with Anytime Fitness. I got mine for Php 1,700.00 per month plus the one-time fee of Php 2,700 for the fob key. A fob key is the non-transferable violet petal-shaped plastic key that you swipe-in to get inside the gym.

It was all good until I’ve decided to drop my membership for personal reasons. After a few weeks or so, they’ve started sending text messages reminding me to pay my “overdue” account, and one day, finally dropped that “…will endorse your account to a collecting agent” sort-of text message similar to what telcos and credit card companies do for a defaulted account.

Contracts are there to secure their revenues – yes, I understand that. You get a brand new, shiny phones from telcos and they put you on a contract for 2 years but for a gym membership in Anytime Fitness? Really? I didn’t receive anything — not even a welcome donut!

My conclusion:

If you are really certain that you would stay until your 6- or 12-month contract ends, then by all means get a membership from them. However, if you are uncertain and not wanting to pay the Php 5,000.00 cancellation fee, then by all means stay away from them. There are other gyms, not fancy though, that will not put you on a binding contract and you’re free to leave anytime as you please.

By the way, the overly expensive fob key is neither transferable nor can be used by anyone else except you. Eat that!

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