Toledo City, Cebu
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For snake bites antivenom, click here to see the list
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  1. good morning mam/sir naa libre para anti rabies ?? case sa ako.a napaakon kog ungoy.. thank you…

  2. Morning,,
    one of our house members was bitten by our dog..i want to know is tomorrow(monday)have a schedule for dog vaccination? I want to know if it is free or how much its cost if ever need to pay.

  3. Hi im from lutopan Toledo city
    one of our house members was bitten by our dog and we went to ilihan for the vaccine we had one but need to pay for it

    I thought we have free anti rabies vaccine how come we pay for it

    can you please enlighten me with this.. we are not the kind of people that could pay this kind of amount we need help in this matter.

  4. Good afternoon. I was bitten by a puppy just today? How much do I need to spend for rabies shots in your center? Can I also have your exact adress. Thank you.