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Near Out-Patient Dept
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AboutA specialized hospital on animal bites.
ClassGovernment facility
HoursMon - Fri: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (3:00 pm cut-off time) | Sat: 6:00 am to 3:00 pm (11:00 cut-off time)
Rates50.00 - Reg. card (first timers) | 100.00 - 150.00 per shot

If you need an ERIG shot, you might have to buy this yourself.
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  1. good morning po.. ask lng po if nag iinject po ng ERIG sa San Lazaro Hospital?? libre po ba un?? un mother ko po kasi senior.. nkagat ng pusa.., ung isang ka work ko po eh nag pa inject dn ung father nya sa San Lazaro.. wla dw po binayaran..,totoo po ba??? syringe lng dw po ang babayaran

  2. good morning po.. ask lng po if nag iinject po kau ng ERIG?? libre po ba un?? un mother ko po kasi senior.. nkagat ng pusa.., ung isang ka work ko po eh nag pa inject dn dyan ung father nya.. wla dw po binayaran..,totoo po ba??? syringe lng dw po ang babayaran..

    1. Hello po. Hindi po lahat ng kagat at kalmot ay kailangan ng ERIG. Yung pong malalalim na sugat ay usually lang ang binibigyan. Ang anti-rabies shots po ay libre naman. Punta lang po kayo sa bite center malapit sa inyo.


      1. ung sa mother ko po kasi may malalim na kagat., saka nka pagpacheck nman na kmi.. niresetahan po kasi sya ng ERIG

  3. Hello po!I was bitten po ng gala na pusa noong sept.15 and sa ngayon almost 1 month na po nakalipas but i feel really itchy po sa area ng pinagkagatan ng pusa for 3 days na even magaling na ung sugat.My last rabies vaccine was dec.2017 and almost 4 years na po gap bago ulit ako naturukan here in navotas.Medyo kabado po ako kasi they just gave me booster shot na 4 doses at sept.16,the day after i got bitten and d na po ako pinabalik(1 day only) but i took nman ng antibiotic for 7 days.Maslalo lang akong natakot when nakaramdam na ko ng pangangati sa area ng kagat.Normal ba yung pangangati kahit 1 month na nakalipas?Ano po maipapayo niyo sakin o ano po better na dapat kong gawin? wala na po akong peace of mind kakaisip about this.Thanks for understanding.

    1. Hello po. Yung booster shot po ay binibigay sa mga taong meron ng kumpletong bakuna in the past. If you follow naman the schedule, there’s nothing to be worried about. Na mention nyo po Sept 15 yung incident, and usually po, after 10 days namamatay yung hayop kapag meron rabies virus. Ok naman po ang pusa? Alive and healthy naman po hanggang ngayon? Baka po allergy lang po yan kaya nangangati. If it persists, patingin po kayo ng dermatologist.


  4. mam ask ko lng po..nkgat po ung anak ko last april lng po tpos pnaturukan ko po xa..natapos po nmin ung turok nya..tpos ngaun lng po nkgat po ulit xa ng alaga nming pusa..need ko pa po ba ulit xang paturukan??pls reply po mam..d ko po kc alam dpat kong gawin

    1. Hello. Yes po. More likely bibigyan sya ng booster shots. Dalhin nyo po sya sa bite center ulit.

  5. Hi! Got bitten by our cat last October 20. After the incident we immediately went to our heath center. I was diagnosed with a category 3 exposure. I got a shot of anti-tetanus and 2 shot (only on the upper skin-they told me its ERIG) on both of my shoulder. They told me to go back the next day. October 21, i got a shot (left arm again only upper skin) and waited 30mins. after the shot, they inspected the shot and was advised to have a 2nd shot (now the right arm for control-don’t know what they mean by control) and told me to wait for 30mins again. After that they told me that it’s positive. They’re not really that clear on saying their findings but with what i heard is that the shot they gave me is not suitable for me. Then they referred me to San Lazaro Hospital. I’m from Alabang Muntinlupa and is it possible to find the vaccine suitable for me on other hospital near us? Our health center told me that its only available in San Lazaro Hospital. The shot they gave me is Speeda.

    1. Hello po. It was probably a skin test just to make sure that you don’t react negatively to ERIG because there are people who are allergic to it. If the injection site bulges, it means you’re allergic to it. Please go to San Lazaro OPD as advised.

      Please note that most private hospitals or clinics do have anti-rabies regimen. But you’re going to shell out a lot of money compared to going to a public bite center.

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