T. Alonzo Street, Baguio City, Benguet
(74) 300 6540
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AboutAn animal bite treatment center.
ClassGovernment facility
ServicesAnti rabies vaccination

Counselling on animal bite home management and promotion of responsible pet ownership
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  1. open po ba kahit anongbaraw ang anti rabies vaccination? mag kano po babayaran pag scratch po sha na na blue ung area muntik na kagatin? thank u po

    1. hanggang anung oras po open and magkanu po yun vaccines nàkagat po kc ng aso yun anak q

  2. Is anti rabies available?how much would it cost for a person that had been scratched by dog? thank you

  3. Magkano po magpa-inject ng Anti-rabies, nakagat po akong kuting namin nung January 7 ng gabi.

  4. Magkano po painject ng anti rabies? Pwede po ba kahit sa loakan nakatira ang nakagat?