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450 A Mabini St.,, Poblacion, Caloocan, 1400 Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 288 7077
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Mon - Sun: 24 hrs
Government facility
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Caloocan City Medical Center – Animal Bite Treatment Center
450 A Mabini St.,, Caloocan Philippines
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Mrs. MC Obra
Mrs. MC Obra
5 months ago

Hi! Sir/ Madame:
I’m from Camarin,North Caloocan. I have a 3-month old puppy, very playful and had somehow scatched my son and myself with her teeth on both our hands on 2 different days which are one week apart. Both the scratchmarks are like half an inch long. We already had 3 doses of the antirabies vaccine from CCMM animal bite center at Zabarte Rd.
May I ask if we still need the 4th dose which we’ll have on Dec 26(for my son) and Jan 2(for myself). Our puppy is very healthy and very active and growing fast.
Another concern would be for my daughter. Our puppy Cara is also fond of jumping towards her and trying to catch the edge of her shorts and as she did it yesterday Cara bit her at the back of her left leg, the bite is like a small punctured wound which instantly bled. We washed it applied alcohol then betadine on the wound.
Just to let you know Cara our puppy had the antirabies vaccine 10 days ago from our veterinarian nearby.
My question is, do we still have our daughter vaccinated with antirabies vaccine?
Any response qill bw highly appreciated.
Thank you.

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