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  1. The problems with the dog of Rolando Navales continues. He has been observed trying to quiet the dog’s loud barking, near midnight, by holding it’s mouth shut and punching the dog in it’s head and then continuing to kick the dog as it tries to nip and bite at him from the abuse it is getting. The dog whimpers and cries then resumes back to it’s loud barking shortly after the owner walks away. This goes on nearly every night. When the dog does not quiet down from the first beating, the owner may come out for a second time to beat on the poor dog again before it finally becomes quiet from fear of the abuse it is getting. It appears the dog wants to be fed from being in great hunger from not eating all day. The only time they feed their dog is in the morning. When the dog’s owners go home at midnight they do not feed their dog. it is rarely fed at night. It is a very thin dog. If they cannot afford to feed or take care of the dog they should not have the dog. The problems began from the time the dog was a puppy. The owner’s children only wanted the dog when it was a puppy because it was cute then continuously neglected the dog a few months later. The dog’s owners even leaves their own children home alone all day without food or supervision while their oldest daughter, whom acts mentally ill, hurts and abuses the two youngest siblings physically and locks them out of the house all day in the hot sun. A neighbor had already given food to the youngest children and the dog. In two incidents after the dog has caused trouble, the owner has given the nuisance dog to a neighbor to hold for a short time to avoid blame, detection, and possible prosecution, but when the incident cools down he takes the dog back. One of the neighbor’s and the owner’s son had made it known that the dog is sometimes held for them by a neighbor, living beside them in the Goking Ville subdivision, whom is a police officer. It is surprising that a police officer is not doing his part to uphold the law, letting them break the laws and cause such problems to the community, and allowing this abusive animal cruelty take place and continue. If the police officer is holding the dog for his neighbor to avoid detection from the law then the officer is aiding and abetting a criminal. The dog’s owners are good at using evasion tactics. Rolando is a teacher at Bulua Central Public School. One would think a teacher would have more wisdom, dignity, and manners than what he puts forth, especially at his age. He does not respect the neighborhood and neglects his neighbors by allowing his pet to cause such trouble, along with neglecting and disrespecting his own pet and family. There is a cry for help here from the surrounding neighbors whom put up with the noise pollution from the dog every night for hours while sleeping, along with the people bitten by the dog and the parents of the children bitten by the dog. The topic has been brought to the attention of the President of the Goking Ville subdivision in 2020 and 2021 about these people and other stray dogs in the area. Not much has been done to correct the matter. However, the president of the Goking Ville subdivision in the Bulua barangay did walk around the subdivision but in the early hours of the morning one day to poison the nuisance animals in an attempt to fix matters. Several cats and one dog died cruelly. Many animals were very sick. I do not agree with the way he handled matters as it is wrong and animal cruelty. Something needs to be done in this subdivision to stop all of these problems surrounding animals.

  2. A dog owned by Rolando Navales, living at the lower back western side of the subdivision at block 1 lot 13, zone 9, Goking Ville subdivision, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City, is causing harm to children in actually biting the children as well as adults. It does these acts when running loose in the subdivision and also when tied onto the owner’s property. The owners do not control the situation as they do not stop children from going near the dog, eventhough they know it has a tendency to get out of hand, act crazy, and bite people. It has done this on several occasions. One of the children that the dog has bitten is Nice Punani (it is her actual name), whom lives half a block away from the owner of the dog. On different occasions the dog has been set loose in the subdivision by the owner’s son, usually when they leave the house for several days (as they did when avoiding a summons from the barangay for other nuisance problems they were causing in the subdivision) and the dog tried to bite several people during those times, including myself, but the dog did not accomplish its attack because it was warded off by its victims. It has bitten another child just yesterday on Tuesday, Dec. 14th, 2021. Many local children were screaming in fear. A local garbage collector, whom takes the garbage on Tuesdays and Fridays, is also a witness to this incident as he was yelling to the owner’s that their dog had bitten a child. The dog is a nuisance dog, not only because it bites people, but because it stays up all night barking and disturbing the neighbors. It disturbs the sleep of children who have online school in the morning and disturbs the sleep of people that need to get proper rest for work, along the elderly and people who have ailments or disabilities needing great rest and sleep. They do not regularly feed their dog and they do not take care of it well and it may be contributing to the reason it bites people and barks all night long as soon as it’s owners come home at night. The owners have already appeared before the Bulua barangay officials for the nuisance problems they are causing, including the nuisance problems thier dog is causing. They even signed a paper saying their nuisances will stop as they intend to be good neighbors in the subdivision, but the problems they cause in the subdivision have not stopped. It continues with the nuisance problems their dog is causing from their neglect. There is some videos and pictures floating around showing how their dog is a nuisance animal. It seems useless to contact the police in Bulua because they do not respond any call which is disappointment to the local people and an embarrassment to the city of Cagayan de Oro City. The Barangay official do very little to help a case. They pretty much only say to the people (causing the problem or having the dispute) is to just be good little boys and girls. Can someone actually do something to stop the problems from this owners dog and the owners?

  3. Good morning po maam/sir.magkano po ba magpa enject nakagat cya ng aso ngayon lang.
- bettilt giriş -

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