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  1. Hello, I just feel concerned. I am just concerned. I just felt sudden numbness and tingle after my dog almost bit my nose. But, I got no bite. However, my hand is so numb.

    1. Hello and thanks for reaching out. Libre naman po. Kindly check their schedule nalang po. A lot of changes were made due to the current pandemic.

  2. Delikado po ba ang non bite exposure? Or na contaminate po ng saliva or ng mga bagay na galing sa rabid animal?

  3. Hi, i own a 2 month old puppy not yet vaccinated with the rabies shot. I was bitten earlier today, it was a minor scratch, but it bled. The wound was not licked. I immediately washed it with running water and soap. Should i be concerned about my well being?

    1. Hello and thanks for reaching out. Yes, please go to the bite center within 1 week. If the bite is located near your head, please go to the ER immediately.