Last night, my sister, boyfriend and I dined at Alfonso Cafe in the newly renovated and newly opened Pepperland Hotel in Airport Road, Legazpi City. Upon entering the cafe, we were all in awe with the changes that took place in the hotel. The lobby was polished, the paint job was perfect – almost everything was perfect. But what we really came for was the food. Of course, a hotel’s gotta serve exquisite food.

The interior of the cafe was well-done. It gives you this modern and vintage feel mixed in one hall. The color chosen for the walls was a shade of blue – something to calm you. The gray furniture matched the feel of the hall. Just by sitting on the dining chair would make you feel like a boss! I loved every nook and cranny of the place. Almost every piece you see┬áis picture-worthy. Even the condiments-holder on the table was a cute, little vintage telephone! Who would’ve thought of that?

But of course, it all comes down to food. We would not be eating furniture and decorations, won’t we? My boyfriend and I had ourselves┬áSeafood Marinara. The pasta was good. Fish and seafood in the pasta were adequate. My sister had organic chicken. I had a taste of it and it was divine! The chicken meat was so soft that just by poking it with your fork would tear it apart already.

We found out that the hotel also had a Japanese restaurant. The management said it was okay to cross-order from the Japanese resto, and so we did. I ordered a serving of ebi tempura. The prawns were so big that eating it made me fuller than I already was!

Our meal for three persons cost us around Php 1,000. For me it was not bad to spend that much for the quality of food that they served to us. The service was also good. We did not have to wait much long for our orders. The staff was very accommodating. Truly, the hospitality of Bicolanos is beyond compare.

The next time you book a flight to Legazpi, make sure to drop by the Pepperland Hotel.

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