I love coffee. I’m a coffeeholic. I like my coffee strong, with lots of creamer and sugar. I don’t like black coffee by itself; the bitter taste makes me feel sad and cheated of all the creamy goodness that putting in a tablespoon of creamer gives. The creamer part is really important to me, it’s the part that makes me smile when drinking my coffee, as I wait for the caffeine to kick in and jump start my hectic day.  This is why I make sure I always have ALASKA EVAPORADA  Evaporated creamer  stocked in my fridge. It has become a part of my ritual.

ALASKA EVAPORADA Evaporated creamer 250 ml (Tetra Brik) cost only around PhP 16.50.  Before I discovered this product I used powdered creamer. But one time, when I was grocery shopping in my hurry, I accidentally grabbed Alaska evaporated creamer instead of milk, I didn’t notice this until I got home. The next time I made myself a cup of coffee I used this evaporated creamer. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Alaska evaporated creamer tastes fresh, but it doesn’t at all taste like milk.  Milk has a very distinctive flavor, and it doesn’t taste right with a cup of coffee, it’s too overpowering. But this evaporated creamer just has enough of the creamy vanilla taste and it blends well with any coffee, bringing out its natural flavor.

The great thing about using an evaporated creamer is that you can mix it with cold beverages too. Sometimes I prefer to make iced coffee or chocolate drink, especially when the weather is hot. It’s a refreshing treat. Making iced coffee with powdered creamer can be a bit of a hassle because you need to melt it in hot water first, and when you don’t put enough of it the first time around, you can’t add additional powdered creamer. It doesn’t dissolve in cold water. With an evaporated creamer you don’t have to worry about that.

ALASKA EVAPORADA Evaporated creamer is also not exclusively for coffee. You can use this product for champorado, sopas and add it as an ingredient when cooking savory dishes, and sauces. It just adds that bit of creaminess without giving it that milky after taste, which I don’t really like.

This evaporated creamer has become one of my favorite staple items in my fridge. I find a lot of use for this product, but being a big fan of coffee, I like it best with my good old hot cup of joe.

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