When you have extra money for desserts for your occasion, you could never forget about buying all purpose cream, right? Ever since I was a kid, I would always see my mom buying all purpose cream, and adding it to every dessert she is going to prepare. I’m talking about fruit salad, graham cake, fruit shake, buko pandan parfait, crema de fruita, and every little dessert you know of.

The first time I tasted all purpose cream, I find it nonsense to use for it does not taste anything like condensed milk or evaporated milk. But then my mom explained why we need all purpose cream. It is because all purpose cream makes the dessert creamier and tastier. Mom’s favorite all purpose cream is Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream. So, I bought one and used it to make the fruit salad.

I suggest to not use too much of it though because it would bring a different texture and taste to your dessert. A small tetra pack is enough for a large bowl of fruit salad. When we use Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream, we always make sure we use up to its last drop, because there was this one time, we only used half of the all purpose cream, and restored in the fridge, then it tasted different. I think that is because once you open it, and leave it for a day, it affects the smell and taste.

Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream is not very expensive than the other ones; and when it comes to the taste, it has this unique creamier taste. Once you combine the Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream to the other ingredients of fruit salad, you will know that you have just made a complete different version of fruit salad. Every time we don’t use Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream, we would notice how it is not as creamier when we use our all time favorite. You could enjoy Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream at its finest when you refrigerate it for 1 hour, and you will enjoy a smoother, creamier, and perfect all purpose cream.

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