I’ve been planning to buy a Laptop for several months now. But still haven’t decided what to buy. I searched for pre-loved MacBooks, Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell hoping to find a bargain for my limited budget. Though I found several interesting lappy online that fits my budget, I was still skeptical about purchasing a used laptop. Then for unknown reasons my partner came across this website called LAZADA. He showed me several brand new laptops I thought were bargains.

We criticized every specification, researched every terms the we don’t know anything about, searched for reviews to determine its pros and cons. Then this one Catchy Ad struck me, ” GAMING LAPTOP for below 30k”. I quickly looked at the specifications, called Lazada hotline to ask questions about the ACER Acer Aspire E5-551G-F57K A Series, Then quickly ordered it online. Three days after, the lappy was delivered to my doorstep (talking about express delivery right there).

The first thing I did was to check on the voltage and watts to power up the ACER, It quickly pops up the setup menu, establish the username and explore the pre-installed Windows 8. Curious about the ACER thou, it was marketed as a Gaming laptop, I quickly installed BF4 (Battlefield 4) on medium setup. To my surprise it works superb. The HD LED screen works wonders and as I test as online access several social networks open, as well as working the DVD disc reader and HD all according to specification. The keyboard was perfect for me as it has a number keypad and the screen is a two thumbs up. On a 15.6 inch screen, I can fit as much stuff I want on the screen.

There were a few things I noticed though, one is the weight, compared to other laptops on the market the ACER E5-551G is quite heavy and seeing it on the side, it’s kinda thick compared to other loopy in its class. The Acer isn’t redeemed by its audio. There’s no great volume, and the bass is reasonable. I also asked Lazada about other colors, but they didn’t have any. But all those things are fairly manageable as long as the performance and durability will serve my purpose. Anyway to expect a perfect lappy for under 30k is asking too much. For a mid level gaming machine this for me is the one of the best in the market.

It seems like ACER really focused on performance rather than its looks. But come to think of it, One can’t really depend on looks alone, it must have the power to back-up the performance. The Power that’s inside this ACER E551G.

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  1. We have the same LAPTOP. I hope there will be no difficulties like you as time goes…. Welcome to the RED team. haha….

  2. We have the same LAPTOP. I hope there will be no difficulties like you as time goes…. Welcome to the RED team. haha….

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