Life is more stressful these days and in my case, stress always manifests itself as a headache. It starts with a dull throb and then gets worse with the smells of commuting and traffic. Menthol always helps me, and I am in constant search of better liniment products. This is where Vaporin Aromatherapy Essential Oils enters the picture -a nifty product that I can take anywhere with me and feel like I’m in a spa.

Vaporin Aromatherapy Essential Oils is minty and cool good for my headache, but it is not just that. It has a hint of lemongrass and other citrus fruits that makes it invigorating and relaxing at the same time. It dissipates stuffy nose and relieves insect bites too. Another bonus is it wards off other unpleasant smells around you, it is like being wrapped in a cloud of aromatherapy vapour. The scent smells like a cross from a liniment and a refreshing citrusy perfume, you would not need to worry about smelling fusty. True to its name, it is indeed aromatherapy in a convenient roll-on bottle, much like

True to its name, it is indeed aromatherapy in a convenient roll-on bottle, much like purse perfumes that you can tuck everywhere, from your bags to your fancy party clutches. It even fits the pocket of your jeans! No need to worry about spilling it, as I’ve said, it is in a roll-on form and practically colorless that you do not have to worry having a green stain on your clothes just like with other liniments. Afraid you will look shiny and oily when you apply it to your temples or near the face? Well, don’t be. Although it is marketed as an “essential oil”, it is not oily and heavy; just pure concentrated drops of bliss.

Being a Filipino-made product from IPI Philippines makes me trust this product’s quality even more, as IPI has been making the trusted Efficascent Oil, one of the best-selling liniments in our country. No need for imported, expensive aromatherapy oils when I can have one that is Filipino-made.  The only downside for this product (which I don’t really consider as a downside, but might be for others) is its price. For a 10-ml bottle it costs about P150 but it is actually cost-effective since you get to dispense only a little of the essential oil while reaping its relaxing and fragrant benefits. A personal spa experience that is easy to carry around- that is what you get with every bottle of Vaporin Aromatherapy Essential Oils.

Try it now and feel so much better. It is readily available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. No need to pre-order, just pick up, pay  and enjoy the stress-relieving powers of this wonderful aromatherapy product.

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