As technology began its course of expanding, phones like Samsung Galaxy S II became more and more high-tech. Since the era of smartphones started, I noticed that cellphone companies went on their own ways to present better options for the public. As such, I easily classified Samsung Galaxy S II as an example of this trend. If you were looking for a smartphone that will suit your preference and your needs, I’ll give you a hint. It’s a Samsung phone. For me, the Galaxy S II is definitely a must-have for the busy bees out there. Here’s why:

This smartphone uses the Super AMOLED Plus panel for its display case, which on first contact feels very sturdy. I’ve tried other models before, and they felt a little bit feeble to me. Galaxy S II, on the other hand, feels more solid overall. This made the display feature of this phone remarkable.

In addition, when it comes to watching videos and browsing the Internet, the S AMOLED Plus panel in the Samsung Galaxy S II ensures that the vibrancy of the colors produced is consistent. No matter how long the video is, the display is consistent. I love watching movies online, but my previous phones failed to show the complete depth of the visuals. With my Galaxy S II, however, the moviephile in me is always satisfied.

Since the black background contrasts effectively with the brighter hues, every pixel in the 4.3 inch display is designed to produce excellent photographic outputs. Actually, my first selfie using this phone is still my current profile picture! I had LCD phones before, but Galaxy S II retains its color dynamics regardless of what angle you are at it.

With a thickness of 0.33 inches, you can safely consider this smartphone as one of the thinnest phones available. However, after reading this dimension, I had my doubts. I mean, a third of an inch might feel like a piece of paper to me! But upon holding this phone for the first time, I was floored. Samsung Galaxy S II is indeed a good choice for the minimalists out there.

Unlike the previous Samsung models, the Samsung Galaxy S II has curved corners for a better grip. You will surely find these features effective when using the touchpad. I myself have troubles using touchpad-phones that slip easily out of my hand. Galaxy S II, once again, proved me wrong on this count. However, when it comes to the material used, other cellphone brands offer a more resilient option. The casing of Samsung Galaxy S II is made of plastic, a lesser option compared to the all-aluminium cases used in Nokia smartphones.

If you were planning to pick a smartphone that focuses on the display features, I recommend the Galaxy S II model from Samsung.

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