The summertime has provided my entire family the chance to go on a vacation in the city. What we would usually do is book a hotel room at any three to five star hotels that we’ve never been to before. Just recently, we decided to book at the Pearl Manila Hotel located in United Nations Avenue because a relative of ours gave us free lunch buffet passes at the hotel’s Seven Seas Restaurant.

At first glance, it is quite impossible for one to feel immediately impressed with the ambiance of the restaurant. It can also only accommodate a few guests and looking at it from the other end of the buffet table, it is quite obvious that there are only a few food selections on the menu. However, I am totally wrong. Although the food selections were few, they were an absolute favorite.

It was a Filipino feast at the time we were there. We were able to enjoy a decent lunch buffet and around five full plates of huge shrimps. Filipino desserts were also to die for. I found out that the restaurant changes the theme of their menu on a daily basis to accommodate the varying tastes and preferences of their guests. I am also happy to know that the price of a lunch buffet that starts at eleven in the morning and ends at two in the afternoon is just P375. This amount is relatively cheap considering the endless servings of food you can enjoy and the fact that you are still dining at a famous hotel in the city.

I will definitely recommend this place to those who are looking for a lavish dining experience without having to spend that much. I think that the Seven Seas Restaurant at the Pearl Manila Hotel is also great for birthday celebrations and occasional treats. Everyone will surely leave the place with a happy and contented stomach and it wouldn’t even break the bank.

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