Personal Collection is a direct selling company that has made waves in the market because of their special, high-quality products. Established in August 2003, the company’s growing reputation has made the rounds all over the Philippines, with more and more people joining in their direct selling bandwagon. The company is cognizant of the Filipinos’ discriminating taste, that is why they remain true to their commitment of providing only the best products with the highest quality.

I recently encountered Personal Collection products when my mother signed up to be a dealer. As part of the sign up package, she was given a thousand peso worth of products. We immediately tried them at home and I must say I immediately fell in love with their Tuff PLD (Powder Laundry Detergent) with Fabric Conditioner.  I have never been fond of fabric conditioners due to their often offensive smell, that is, too strong scent for my liking. But Tuff PLD is different, as it does not give off a strong smell at all. It is very mild and economical. As an added bonus, it makes your clothes more supple, lighter and truly soft-touch despite its toughness in removing stains.

Sold at a retail price of PhP 166.00, Personal Collection’s Tuff PLD with Fabric Conditioner is a must try. It leaves your clothes smelling fresh and clean all day long. Keep in mind to wash and rinse your clothes thoroughly as residues often leave a displeasing smell.  Tuff PLD with Fabric Conditioner also has an advanced super whitening formula making your white clothing really stand out. Depending on the volume of your laundry, the 800 gram pack can last for a week. How frugal is that?!?

If you want to make your clothes stay clean and smelling fresh all day, you can’t go wrong with Personal Collection’s Tuff PLD with fabric conditioner. In fact, I would recommend this product to anyone looking to avoid the fast-melting and harsh detergent bars.

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